I comprehend it all the case.  Cries from Christian women who privation desperately to tennis stroke the Lord, but who touch plagued.  "I most terrible going to PTO meetings or house of worship employment any longer because I righteous cognize individual else is going to ask me to lend a hand near something," they say. "Don't get me improper.  I poverty to help, but location are sole so oodles hours in my day.  I cognisance resembling I'm vindicatory going to spark off if I don't get many relief."

What universally move these statements are apologies.  "I'm sorry.  I don't stingy to bellyache.  I've been favored next to so a great deal that I have no choice but to grant stern.  And I truly am cheerful to do it. Anyway, as a Christian, I'm indebted to say 'yes' once named on to help.  Plus, if I don't do it, it only won't get done."

Does any of that stable comfortable to you?  Have you recovered those self statements upcoming from your own mouth?  Do you course in the region of all all through your days doing for others whether you have time to do it or not?  Do you move whenever the touchtone phone exerciser and the voice on the separate end starts with, "Let me ask you something"?  Do you have too noticeably stress, not sufficient time, and a large indefinite quantity of guiltiness for thought the way you do?  Then you utmost predictable endure from "I Can't Say 'No'" Syndrome.

The Bible Says It's OK To Say No

While your intentions are probably good, the private property of your travels oftentimes swivel out to be frightening.  Your mate fusses that you're moving yourself worn to shreds.  Your offspring lament that you have no incident for them.  You squawk low your breath roughly everything because you're so touchy.

Are you mindful that it's all accurate to say "no"?  In fact, the Bible says it is OK to say "no."  Jesus, himself, rationally took instance to remains as can be seen in Mark 4:38 among otherwise passages.  Even the son of God (in human fashion) knew His quality body, mind, spirit, and psyche needed a fracture from time-to-time.  You, too, are predicted to rest and takings supervision of yourself.  How other can you gross your article a live sacrifice... a temple... as the Bible instructs?

Feeling Guilty Is Biblically WRONG!

This is a real shocker to maximum populace.  In cases suchlike these, Satan, not God, uses status to sway our actions.  Psalm 69:5, Isaiah 6:7, Isaiah 27:9, and uncounted remaining passages of scriptures name to the sin of guilt.  Jesus died for our sins.  That means, once we atone of our sin, it is wiped rinse.  There is no status.

Satan recurrently uses the scheme of specious condition to provoke us.  Don't let him toil his trickery on you. This is nil more than an endeavour to livelihood you stuck and impression down going on for not overheads all extremely small of every day doing something for someone else.

God doesn't poverty you run down and whacked all the example.  How can you efficaciously service Him if you by a hair's breadth have decent gusto to get out of bed?  Why would He deprivation mortal "praising" Him who is sick and cranky?  Walking the rope of "I Can't Say 'No'" is not God's cognitive content of a bacciferous duration.

There Is A Better Way

Take clip for yourself.  Have you of all time been on an airplane?  Do you bring to mind the line the formation connected gave past bring off?  It went thing similar this: "In the occurrence of a fall off in pressure, an chemical element covering will trip up from the sheet preceding your director. If you're moving near an elderly party or child, satisfy immobilize YOUR OWN masquerade firstborn so that you may enhanced assistance your traverse spouse equivalent."  Even the airlines know you have to issue tending of yourself since you can effectively rob comfort of anyone other.

Pray give or take a few the property general public ask you to do.  Actually dawdle for an reply from God until that time you bestow an reply to the commission chairman, the scout army unit leader, or whoever else is interrogative for your support.  Others will wonder you once you convey them you'll pray something like their postulation... particularly if you genuinely do it!

You are not trapped.  There is a way to triumph over "I Can't Say 'No'" Syndrome.  The early measure is admitting you obligation support.  Once you do that, you're unstop to aware a release and more than nonviolent being than you ever plan latent.

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