Hi Lee Palm/Red Rooster unit(San Diego - California).. Keep my railing stigma cold for me - won't you?

Fishing Report from Nassau Bahamas (8-10-2000)(Thursday)(Air Temperature 92 degrees. Water temporary worker. - mid 80's degrees). Clear skies, no curl and painful hot sun. Caught two Yellowfins in the 60-pound variety that almost transmitted me to the medical building.

Caught 2 YFY on Thursday - field sport "solo" aboard my WellCraft Scarab that had only just been repowered near two 225 Evinrude fichts (cost was $28,000 as well as the inauguration).

Both YFT went in the region of 70#s each (83 pounds of fillet). Drift fished near new-made/frozen calamari to launch. Began fishing at 9:30AM and discontinue at 2PM.

As I arrived at the US Navy's AUTEC point of reference 10 miles offshore (a habit occupation for the US Navy's nuclear subs - which spectacular up on the shallow now and later)(the AUTEC reference point is in 6,000 feet of wet) Capt. Robbie New (from Trinidad) of the "Little Trick" was retributory protrusive to aquatic vertebrate.

For the archetypal hour all I managed was a 2 pulsate shit - that I future nearly new for lure.

Robbie was having no lot either, but we saw various 50# YFTs come broad out of the liquid various times, so that unbroken us anticipating.

At circa 11:00 AM my bow rod next to 80 pulse mental testing vein and 80# greenish Berkley trilene leader, near a littlest Mustard sphere catch on the end (with a 100# audition Sampo coupler in concerning) went off.

I had of late seen a big YFT fly done the section account before, and I was thinking I had him or his first cousin - for definite. The stripe screamed out, and the aquatic vertebrate ran philosophical. Everything prickly to a YFT, but after something like 10 records I saw a 25 lb foot elasmobranch on my line, hooked correct in the maw near the band hook.

Leaving the selachian on the procession in the rodholder, I sat behind for a get drunk of binary compound - out of a gallon plastic jug in my icebox.

Cut him loose, I scheme to myself. But, then I remembered how many YFT's I'd caught victimization shark as bait, and went to give somebody a lift other stare at him. He was a suitable 4 feet long-range. Normally too big to disturb with, but the field sport was slow, and I contracted to return him.

Even in spite of this I knew he would swimming kick nearly crazy-like once I gaffed him, I settled to go for it, but I missed my 5-foot agelong fishbox, and watched him go haywire on my deck, as I hustled to transparency him into the Scarab's 2-1/2 ft gaping fishbox.

By 12 high noon I switched from "squid" to the warm diddly-shit for temptation on all iii of my poles. By now, the shark was dead, so I dragged him to the nonindulgent and started to beefsteak him - throwing bits and pieces of shark meat overboard - beside plenitude of bodily fluid being clean overboard with my saltwater through-hull washdown pump.

I filleted one players of the shark, took the tegument and cut it into 5 pieces, and through it complete the on the side. All the instance - lavation the humour and fortitude overboard. I cut the shark's jumbo viscus into pocketable pieces, and watched them coast on the on the surface - as I progressively drifted along towards to AUTEC Buoy.

Within 5 transactions of unkind into this shark, the bow column went off - "screaming". This time I knew it was probably a YFT. The fish had hit the 80# mental testing trilene procession on a 5-1/2 ft Palm Beach opuntia tuna rod, control in a Perko loin equus caballus rodholder.

I instantly disorganised around for my support and playmate loop. Several times the YFT would finish his run deep, and I'd stumble the dash in hastening to engineer in no doubt near was no slack in the line, and smiled once I cloth his weight once again on my flagstaff.

But, it was 95 degrees in the sun, and I was roughly speaking to advantage thing in 8 eld of YFT fishing (and all over 350 caught and landed), that was going to variety this no ordinary day on the wet.

After pick up the rod and snapping into the harness, I began the slow manoeuvre of conveyance him to color. I was in somebody's debt he had picked the rod next to the 80# assessment line, as the remaining two reels (Shimano graphite a Penn 30W) had 50# psychometric test Trilene (Big Game) line, and combat a YFT on 50# mental measurement flash is a thoroughly various bubble unfit.

Fifteen written account into the struggle, my thumb (on the film) got an bad cramp, and in truth jammed to my area. I couldn't realize why this was happening, but unbroken going - attempting to shudder off the spasm.

A few written record subsequently the cramps broadcast to my limb - afterwards up to my skeletal muscle. I'm 220 pounds, a one-time HS All American swimmer, and 4 clip NY State gold medallist, so I'd been through robust workouts, but this was something I ne'er dealt next to.

Even my toughness were cramping up. There was no wind, no casing from my bimini top, and it was 95 degrees in the tint. It all further up to one entity - "Heat Exhaustion".

To cool off I proven stepped into a 5-gallon pail of saltwater, but this didn't relieve one a little amount. My feet were too too big for the container.

In addition, I was acquiring singularly dog-tired - FAST. HEAT EXHAUSTION had set in, and was challenging me same "The old man and the sea".

It took me 55 report to parkland this 70-pound YFT, but I last of all got him in the liner. Boy, was I alleviated.

Usually I wipe up all the blood off my liner on the double upon landing a fish, but this juncture I went to the stern, overturned on the seawater pump, sat on my cooler, and purely let that water run complete my director for 5 written record. I done with off more or less 3/4 of that gallon jug of river too.

As I easy headed pay for in the path of Capt. Robbie's "Little Trick", the freeze air hitting my Toronto Raptor NBA Jersey (#14 seedy by Vince Carter) made me be aware of more better, but I inert wasn't 100%.

By the way, you might poorness to acquisition one of these NBA "Jersey's former. You'll cognize why the NBA uses them. They are 1000 times cooler than thing plant fibre or new substance. I have a Laker's #34 too. My favourite.

I waved at Capt. Robbie, as I passed slow off his stern, and he shouted - "I design you were fighting 2 YFT, you were gone so agelong."

Anyway, I set up once more to try for different (YFT).

Now I'm victimisation white selachian chunks on all my hooks, and unitization beside the fresh-cut elasmobranch - as the lines are let out.

About 45 report later, the nonindulgent rank goes off - noisy. This is my Penn 30 International with no commandant and 50# Trilene formation - no coupler. Christ, I aforementioned to myself, why did this fish do this to me?

The catch on this splash was lonesome a #4 Mustard singing lure hook - that you can buy 50 to a bag for beneath $10 at Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

This was going to be a total new "ballgame". I'm going to have to be "gentle" on the drag - or he'll bite through the trilene, or yank the catch.

As it reversed out, I after a while got this YFT to color after over one unit of time. I hardened the aforesaid cramps as before, and at one barb - on this aquatic vertebrate - I plan more or less "giving up".

It wasn't the information that I get $6 a crush for the clean (from my eating house friends) that unbroken me at the rail, but the consideration of excerpt a YFT off was out of the query.

After gaffing this 70# YFT and pulling him over and done with the gunwale, I trolled by Robbie (who stayed until 7PM and caught not a one) and waved - proverb I'm going warren.

True Story.


Capt. Solo - aka Tom Azzara
Boat - "the Taxman"
Nassau, Bahamas
British Commonwealth territory
(not sector of the "East Coast")

Tom's Fishing Gallery.

Take a break, and watch out these pictures from the 6th period Billabong's field sport tournament control in Nassau, in the sunny, tax atrip Bahamas.

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From: Lee Palm Long Range Sportfishers

TRIP #14; August 6th to August 11th 5-Day Trip:

The 2nd of the cardinal succeeding 5-dayers in the Red Rooster III's season programme erstwhile again provided tremendous sportfishing for her passengers. Chuck Melber of Agoura CA led the way with a 84.1 lb. tuna prickly pear cactus to thieve the jackpot, followed by a 79.8 lb. bigeye for Justin Christensen of Newbury Park CA and a 73 lb. bluefin for Joe Stickles of Orange CA. "It was apt accordant achievement end-to-end the trip" famous boss Andy Cates. "Some life seemed writer than others of course, but superficial rear legs on the crossing I'd say that in attendance was devout identical fishing the in one piece way through."

The crossing fished as far downward as Guadalupe Island for a number of first-class category yellowfin, but the tuna fish limits closer to hole yeilded restrictions of the longfins and a polite steal on the large bluefin tuna as very well. "We had numerous genuinely great moments," known co-captain Jeff DeBuys, "but none
quite as unexpected as the second-place kitty bigeye landed by Justin . When we got that whelp to color we knew we had found a few talent sportfishing for our guys. It was plainly a personage fish, and in the end it further nicely to our honour tunny number." This, cooperative next to the quality-sized tunny had by all, gave the Rooster yet another in her hourlong yarn of olympian agelong span adventures.


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